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      2. Power for the Mobile Web

        At electric plum, we create cross-platform and native mobile apps, mobile web apps, iPhone and iPad Simulator technology, and developer tools. Our products are used by thousands of developers and end users every day.

         Introducing HTML5.Assist

        The new HTML5 and Mobile Web powerhouse for developers and designers that will revolutionize your mobile first workflow.

        HTML5.Assist and Mobile Studio have been updated with Visual Studio 2015 support.

        Download The FREE 7 Day HTML5.Assist Trial Today

        Electric Mobile Studio

        We've taken our best-in-class simulation technology to the next level, and added innovative responsive design support, multi-instance support, synchronized navigation, and 5x better support for HTML5!

        Learn More About Electric Mobile Studio Today

        Electric Plum Partners with Microsoft®

        Electric Mobile Simulator (Lite) included with Microsoft® WebMatrix 2

        We are excited to announce that Microsoft® has chosen electric plum technology for iOS web simulation in their popular free Web development tool Microsoft WebMatrix 2. WebMatrix includes both our iPhone and iPad simulators, and they are easily installed via the extension gallery.

        WebMatrix offers a variety of templates that work well on mobile devices and on the desktop. They are built using best practices for jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3. With these templates, you can create mobile-friendly websites in a matter of minutes.

        Looking for more power?

        Get Electric Mobile Studio»

        iPhone and iPad Simulation

        Our flagship product, electric mobile studio 2012 provides a high fidelity simulation of the iPhone and iPad mobile web functionality on Windows Desktops. It is a perfect tool for the mobile web developer or presenter's arsenal. GPS simulation, localStorage, accelerometer and touch events are all included.

        View details »


        Technology Services

        We can help you solve problems. Choosing the right mobile technology is a nuanced decision. Cross platform? Native? HTML5? Mobile Web? Build or buy? These are the questions we'll answer.

        Need us to build it? We can do that too.

        View details »

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